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The Western Association of Administrative Professionals

Inconvenient Truths


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All administrative professionals understand these inconvenient truths about career-building:

  • Staffing agencies work for the client, not the candidate
  • Good candidates often get lost in the internet avalanche of resumes
  • Job boards have forced companies to hire in-house recruiters to “read resumes”
  • Resumes are the most unreliable document on the planet
  • Even great employees need advice and support to advance their careers
  • Legal issues are tricky to resolve when your boss is part of the problem 
  • There is no app for what we do
  • Your best career path may not be with your current employer


Our goal at WAAP is to improve our members’ experience by addressing these and many other truths administrative professionals face every day.

WAAP will always work in your best interest to help further your education, enhance your knowledge, and champion your career.